‘Lalibela ‘the Eight Wonders of the World’

Lalibela, set at 2,600m above sea level in the rugged mountains of northern Wollo, is the most exciting attraction of the country. Lalibela was a place from where the Zagwe Dynasty ruled the country for more than two centuries. Lalibela, formerly known as Roha, bears the name of its most famous King “Lalibela” (1181-1221A.D). There are eleven rock hewn monolithic churches believed to have been built by King Lalibela, which are architecturally unique buildings, finely carved and some decorated with beautiful paintings. There is nothing that could be more attractive than these fascinating and impressive churches with their ancient architected and carvings. The ancient rock hewn churches at Lalibela are also registered by UNESCO as the Eight Wonders of the World.